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Burial Caskets

Caskets starting at $755.00
Cremation containers starting at $248.00


Product Identification Description & ID Manufacturer Price
Sierra Topaz 18 Gauge Steel Batesville $5295.00
Maxima Oak Oak Imperial $4895.00
Dominion Maple Maple Imperial $4695.00
Ashton Woodbar Ash Imperial $3995.00
Dryden Select Wood Batesville $2895.00
Lynx Wood Batesville $2695.00
KN 3 Pine Brownsville $1995.00
Blue Octagon Cloth Covered Imperial $1895.00
#3 HP Blue Felt Covered Brownsville $998.00
#2 HP Grey Felt Covered Brownsville $755.00
Ponderosa Pine BP1 Pine Brownsville $795.00


Cremation Containers

Product Identification Manufacturer Price
Basic Wood Based Container Brownsville $248.00
Basic Oversize (Plywood) Brownsville $325.00
Oak Rental Casket
Insert Cremation Container included
Rental Casket Batesville $995.00

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